CAZ CLINIC - Diagnosis challenges in a case of psychotic episode in context of pellagra induced by isoniazid therapy - a case report - Mihaela A. Petrache, Elena A. Nica, Georgiana M. Sirbu, Bogdana E. Lazar


Mihaela A. Petrache1, Elena A. Nica1, Georgiana M. Sirbu1, Bogdana E. Lazar1


1 Resident doctor of psychiatry, Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry “Prof. Dr. Al. Obregia”, Bucharest, 8th Psychiatry Clinic. Contact: Nica Elena : tel: 0745155226, email:


Received April 28, 2011, Revised  August 22, 2011, Accepted August 31, 2011


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