Psychotherapeutically approach in working with family aggressors / Abordarea psihoterapeutica in asistenta agresorilor familiali - Otilia Butiu, Marinela Lazar, Aurel Nirestean

Otilia Butiu*, Marinela Lazar**, Aurel Nirestean***



Domestic violence is an current issue, with recently increase because of the social insecurity, lack of jobs and in general the pressure  that a family has to bear with the uncertainty of tomorrow. We started, inspired by the models from the civilized countries, starting with 2007, the psychiatric, psychological, juridical counseling and social assistance in one of the first two Centres for Family Aggressors in our country. In our practice we were inspired by some of the main theories: e.g. the psychodynamic approach, the cognitive- behavioral theories, family psychotherapy and Bowlby’s attachment theory. Two representative clinical cases report reflect the psychotherapeutically approach of these patients.

Key words: domestic violence, family aggressor, psychotherapy.



Violenta domestica este o problema de actualitate, cu acutizare recenta ce tine de insecuritatea sociala, de lipsa locurilor de munca si în general de presiunile la care este supusa o familie datorita nesigurantei zilei de mâine.  La noi în tara s-a început, preluând si adaptând modelele din  tarile occidentale, începând cu 2007, asistenta psihiatrica, psihologica, juridica si sociala  a agresorilor intrafamiliali, în cadrul unuia  dintre primele doua Centre de Asistenta Destinate Agresorilor Familiali. În practica noastra am fost influentati de câteva dintre principalele teorii: psihodinamica, terapia cognitiv- comportamentala, psihoterapia de familie si teoria atasamentului dezvoltata de Bowlby.  Doua cazuri clinice reprezentative vin sa ilustreze modul de abordare psihoterapeutica a acestor pacienti. 

Cuvinte cheie: violenta domestica, agresor intrafamilial, psihoterapie


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* Candidate for a doctor’s degree at The Department of Psychiatry Targu-Mures, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu-Mures, Romania, specialist in pediatric psychiatry, e-mail:,

** Psychologist at The East European Institute for Reproductive Health and at The Transfusion CenterTargu-Mures, Romania

*** Professor at Department of Psychiatry of Targu-Mures, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Targu-Mures, Chief of Psychiatry Clinic No. 1 Targu-Mures, Romania

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