Review article - Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome - Current Approach to Diagnosis and Management / Sindromul Neuroleptic Malign - abordare diagnostica actuala si management - Cristian Mihailescu

Cristian Mihãilescu*


The neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) represents an infrequent but serious condition, an idiosyncratic reaction to a neuroleptic medication. It concerns mainly patients under psychiatric treatment, occuring even after the emergence of the so-called lower-risk atypical neuroleptics. Currently, little is known about risk factors and susceptibility for developing NMS which can practically occur at any age and irrespective of gender and comorbidities. NMS is feared due underdiagnosis and to its poor prognosis, especially when left untreated when it could lead to serious complications and fatalities. An increased level of alertness is necessary for enabling an earlier diagnosis, hence an earlier treatment that can improve its prognosis.
Keywords: neuroleptic, malignant, , levodopa, pathogeny, treatment, atypical.


Sindromul neuroleptic malign (SNM) reprezintã o afectiune rarã dar gravã, o reactie idiosincraticã la neuroleptice. Poate sã aparã în special la pacienti aflati sub tratament psihiatric, chiar si dupã aparitia neurolepticelor atipice considerate cu risc mai redus de SNM. În prezent, sunt putine date cu privire la factorii de risc si susceptibilitatea pentru a dezvolta SNM ce se poate manifesta practic la orice vârstã si indiferent de sex si comorbiditãti. SNM este redutabil datoritã dificultãtii diagnostice si prognosticului sãu nefavorabil, mai ales în lipsa tratamentului, când poate conduce la complicatii severe si chiar deces. Este necesarã cresterea nivelului de alertã pentru a facilita diagnosticul mai precoce, deci si introducerea mai precoce a tratamentului ceea ce îi poate ameliora prognosticul.

Cuvinte-cheie: neuroleptic, malign, atipic, levodopa, patogenie, tratament.


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* Internal Medicine, Senior M.D., Psychiatry Clinical Hospital ”Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia”, Integrated Outpatient Clinic, Berceni Road No.10-12, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania, Email:

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